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Ms. Nan Bell

I joined the program September 17, 2012 weighing 244 pounds. I met my goal on June 2013 of 175 pounds. My total weight loss is 69 pounds. The plan really works! It taught me not only to change my attitude about the way I eat but the way I view myself. I encourage you to be true to yourself and be sure this is what you want to do.


The plan work taking weight off the same way you put it on, one day and one step at a time. Stay focused, positive, and encouraged and you will come out victorious. GLORY to GOD my doctor advised I no longer had to take my Blood pressure meds because of my weight Loss and new Healthy Lifestyle!

Ms. Lisa Mitchell

I began the program weighing 211. When I left the program my goal of 185 was met! As of today I’m holding it down at 179. My total weight loss from July 2012 to date is 32 pounds.


I want you to stay encouraged and to continue the race you have set out to win! And definitely be patient with yourself because the flesh has to bow down!!! We control the flesh it DOES NOT control us!

Ms. Toni Wilson

I thank GOD first and foremost and then Helen for the mind change I now have toward my eating habits. I started program in January 2013 and to date I have lost a total of 23 pounds.


Word of encouragement to someone just starting: Don’t quit-Don’t give up on yourself. It may not happen instantly but stay focused it will happen!

Timotha Reed

I joined the program November 11, 2013 weighing 261.6 pounds. I have lost a total of 70 pounds of my 101 pound weight goal. This program is NOT difficult, it fits with real life people and the support is AWESOME!


I have learned how to plan and prepare my meals and snacks for the week. I’m still working on my greater good and I know that with the help of Helen’s program I will achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. New Thinking & No Excuses!

Mrs. Shalanda Norman

I have three Words: Faith, Works, & Discipline.
I could not have loss over 25+lbs without these main three ingredients. My Faith in God, as well as myself, allowed me to move forward in accomplishing the Works required to discover the healthier me. As a REMOTE student, Helen’s program provided the structure, guidance, and order (Discipline), that one needs to complete such a life changing task.


I’m happy, grateful, and humble, to share my God-given weight loss testimonial so that others can and will know how thy TOO can discover his or her healthier Self. Remember: Faith, Work, & Discipline. Oh and never forget to always keep “LOVE” at the forefront  “Destined for Greatness”

Martha Johnson

To GOD Be The Glory for the things He has done. I joined the program August 4, 2014; which was my Mother’s Birthday. At that time I weighed 277 pounds. I have lost 86 pounds toward my 97 pound weight goal. Words cannot express my gratitude to Mrs. Helen Allen Jackson for she is truly a disciple, Servant, and Solider for Christ. When I joined the program I was broken; but GOD has made me whole and He continues to minister to me.


My blood pressure and potassium medications have been reduced to half the original dosage. My next doctor’s appointment is December 2015; at that time I believe and Thanking GOD in ADVANCE for no more blood pressure medication. I have traveled this journey one day at a time; and I want to encourage you to stay focused, trust GOD and never give up. My picture is proof that I am a living Testimony. Hallelujah!!!

Mrs. Katie Herring

I began what I thought was a “diet/quick fix” weight loss plan on April 5, 2015 after a number of failed attempts to drop the pounds. What I came to realize was that it wasn’t the plan that failed but my own personal efforts or lack of follow through. My involvement with New Thinking & No Excuses has been life changing for me and it has taught me that self-discipline is a “must” on this journey.


To succeed at anything, you have to believe you can achieve it.I’ve lost weight in the past, but I’ve totally surprised myself with my accomplishment since becoming a part of this “movement”. I am proudly reporting that I lost 35 pounds in 10 months and although I could and should be farther along, I acknowledge that I haven’t always remained true to myself or the program and for that, the consequences of gains instead of losses are mine to bear and I fully accept responsibility for my actions. If I can offer any words of wisdom they would be to “stay true to yourself and stay the course”! Remember your commitment is to yourself first.


The support, encouragement, motivation and even new friendships will all be helpful tools and will be provided in abundance by this group of WARRIORS but the journey is personal and it belongs to YOU! As long as you set realistic goals and push yourself to keep God first in your endeavors, I have no doubt, you’ll have your very own testimony in due season! Purpose why you will begin this journey and DON’T QUIT until you reach your goals!!

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